Don't Want To Be Bothered?

The content is the same as the Cohort and Mentorship. The Silo course is for those who aren't interested in coaching sessions or Q&As that the other courses offer.

What's included?

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Audience Access & Attention
Session One - Audience, Access & Attention
Creating Content That's Consistent
Session Two - Buckets, Batching & Branding
How To Create Consistent Content For Your Tribe
Documenting Toward Your Destination
Session Three - Documenting Your Destination
How To Gain A Bigger Following
Using Your Tone So That Love Can Be Shown
Session Four - Using Your Tone So That Love Can Be Shown
15 Ways To Find Your Voice
Resources for Editing Audio in Premiere Pro
Tips & Tricks of Storytelling
Session Five - Tips & Tricks of Cinematic Storytelling
4 Ways To Structure YOUR Story
Resources for Editing Video In Premiere Pro
Tribes & Tribulation
Session Six - Tribes & Tribulations
How To Speak The Truth Without Fear