Vlog Your Ministry SILO

Don't Want To Be Bothered?

The content is the same as the Cohort and Mentorship. The Silo course is for those who aren't interested in coaching sessions or Q&As that the other courses offer.

What's included?

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Audience Access & Attention
Session One - Audience, Access & Attention
Creating Content That's Consistent
Session Two - Buckets, Batching & Branding
How To Create Consistent Content For Your Tribe
Documenting Toward Your Destination
Session Three - Documenting Your Destination
How To Gain A Bigger Following
Using Your Tone So That Love Can Be Shown
Session Four - Using Your Tone So That Love Can Be Shown
15 Ways To Find Your Voice
Resources for Editing Audio in Premiere Pro
Tips & Tricks of Storytelling
Session Five - Tips & Tricks of Cinematic Storytelling
4 Ways To Structure YOUR Story
Resources for Editing Video In Premiere Pro
Tribes & Tribulation
How To Speak The Truth Without Fear